Set of Imagery from Jake Stangel

American photographer Jake Stangel re-enters into the archive today with a set of photography packed full of rich landscape, soft sunlight and enough trees to start a wildfire. Based in San Francisco, which seems to be one of the worlds hotbeds for photographic talent, Jake has shot work for lots admirable clients such as Wieden + Kennedy, Dwell and that little company that everyone loves, Apple.

Crawling across his website, which by the way is absolutely packed full of inspiration, I decided to put together a small selection that suited each other nicely, although weren’t initially intended to work as a set. Many of these in fact were shot for another famous company called Rapha as their team met in British Columbia for the Rapha Continental race, which many of you may have seen previously online.

The notable point for me when viewing Jake’s photos is the sense of nostalgia that seems to be inherently embedded within each frame that he takes. Catching a glimpse at these scenes is almost like a calling for my brain to let my imagination run and begin to visualise actually being in each scenario. I guess this rings true of any photographer that captures a scene that could be considered “picture perfect” so to speak.

However it’s the number of pictures of this same quality that I admire Jake for most, he seems to consistently capture scenes that are just remarkable in every essence of the word. If you have the time and are in need of a little creative kick I’d urge you towards Mr Stangel’s page, one of the best I’ve come across in a while.