Plant Imagery by Qusamura

Plant pictures and imagery featuring greenery puts me in quite a trance, lately I’ve been excited by the mixture of vessels combined with living things such as a cactus or a bonsai. I actually own a bonsai myself and it takes center stage on a windowsill in my house, nurturing it is a very rewarding experience when you watch it develop and grow slowly over time. Although I have a normal bonsai pot it would be great to get something like these seen on the Qusamura website in Japan, the images here are just fantastic!

Plus, this concept that Qusamura has in place is something I’ve never seen in any part of the world, unfortunately it’s not something that most independents would take on. I guess it doesn’t make immediate business sense, but that’s why it’s so great in my eyes as it’s different and innovative, pushing the boundaries. This specific shop was started by Kohei Oda who decided when he took a trip to Paris that he would like to open a design space with fresh flowers and ornamental plants. After a fair few years of contemplation he got around to opening a space named ‘flora Qusamura” this year, 2012, in the city of Hiroshima, where he was born. The company focuses on retailing plants but they do it in a way that’s very subtle and quite fascinating, for example they mix the plants with different pots and ceramics made by artists, two in particular are Ryoji Koie and Koichi Uchida who’re both from the Aichi Prefecture.

These pots really give the plants a whole new meaning in my eyes and really add to the character of each. I guess that’s the whole meaning of this shop, the plant in conjunction with the vessel draws out the individual of the plant, giving the plant a pleasant home to live in. As far as I can tell Qusamura also takes the flowers and plants to different shops to hold exhibitions, most are covered on the companies blog which you can check out on the link below. You’ll definitely be blown away by the quality of the imagery.