Series Of Imagery From Hervé Demers

I uncovered this stunning set of rural imagery by Canadian creative Hervé Demers earlier, his minimal and simplistic take on the world really stood out to me as something worth sharing. For those who haven’t stumbled across his photographic works before, you are perhaps more likely to have seen a short film from Hervé as both an established and decorated filmmaker.

I think the cinematic view of the world is something you can definitely see transferred across into his still work, I love the richness of tones that he has captured here, they really do compliment his structured compositions giving them a new found depth and balance.

It’s almost as if each of these are frames from a film, they carry that feeling that encourages your imagination to run, creating the next scenes and scenarios in your mind. I can’t say I’ve been lucky enough to catch too much of Herve’s work in the past but he’s for sure someone I’l be keeping an eye out for, if you feel the same follow the links below for more.


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