Set of Photography by Annie Marie Musselman

I stumbled across the work of photographer Annie Marie Musselman and was completely amazed at the range of exotic animals and birds she has captured on her travels. We really do get to see some unique critters up close and personal all photographed beautifully, it must have been a remarkable experience for Annie to get so close to each of these creatures both little and large.

In a short space of time I became very inspired by Annie and her work as she explains she “strives to confront the destructive side of human impact on the survival of all wild creatures” through her photography. Her very first personal project was in her home city of Seattle where she visited a wildlife sanctuary, and ever since she has been passionate about educating people through her photography.

More recently Annie has opted to travel to particular sanctuaries around the world aiming to raise awareness for some beautiful creatures that unfortunately have slipped into the bracket of being endangered. The worrying thing is that without some of these endangered animals in the wild, other groups of animals are harder to save too.

Hopefully through Annie’s photography and various other mediums we can begin to put right where we humans have created an in-balance. Many people pick up cameras every day and turn their hand to wedding photography or family portraits, but very few take it upon themselves to make a change for the better.

I’m sure you will agree that Annie’s work is both commendable and inspiring so head over to her portfolio to enjoy a little more.


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