Set of Imagery from Laura Dart & Amos Lanka

I was really longing for a short film with good narrative this morning but I got distracted by these idyllic scenes that photographers Laura Dart and Amos Lanka have captured amongst friends, so the rolling footage will have to wait for the time being. I think the best things in life aren’t forced, instead left to transpire by themselves and the same goes for both the content we host here and the candid shots that this dynamic duo present us with today.

In terms of down time I can’t think of anything better than a good meal together with the ones we hold dearest, which as you can see is the perfect time to catch friends unaware and at their most natural. Laura and Amos packed up their things with twelve others leaving a wet Portland behind as they headed towards the nearest coastline. All mucking in collecting firewood, preparing food, and setting the occasion meant come sunset each and every one of them could indulge and appreciate what each had done for the other.

I’ve always found in life that the true friends are those that are prepared to work for the cause that benefits the group apposed to the individual. I feel blessed to have the friends that I do and viewing these scenes just reminded me of previous meals spent, and similar scenes, I hope it does the same for you too. Writer Julie Pointer has composed an elegant text that follows the story of the groups weekend, I’d urge you to go read this here.


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