The Odysseus by Mikael Kennedy

What an amazing set of imagery by Mikael Kennedy, a photographer living and working in New York City.

He may we best known for his work online titled Passport to Trespass, in which we featured him on the site for back in April (view that here). But his other works have also appeared at many galleries, art exhibitions, and he also has a big following online. Since we showcased some of his work before, I thought I should go back and see if there was some new work that needed to be mentioned.

As you can tell from this post, I found some more. And a good lot a that, with this series being titled The Odysseus. There were 31 photos in all, and i couldn’t fit them all in, so you will have to go over to his portfolio site to see the rest. But I placed them all in relative order so you get a sense of the running theme.

I loved the way how all these photos are taken in really remote locations, I also found that the shapes cast by the mountains and trees create a linear type system that is most unusual.

Take for example the above photo with the cross lines of the mountain and then all the lines created by ever moving sea. It makes you wonder if Mikael stopped all these elements and then took a picture, as if everything was still and perfect.

I’m a big fan, I hope you guys enjoy it too. Scroll down for more.

Note: Please do his work justice and view the rest of his photography from this set on this portfolio –


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