Collection of work from Derek Weidman

In recent months I’ve become really fascinated by the art of wood turning and the beautiful forms that you can create. In fact I would have featured more work here from this medium but for one frustrating problem, the most accomplished turners that I’ve come across have been homing their craft for twenty years plus, which means they’re a little out of the loop when it comes to presenting their work online. Therefore most imagery is either poorly taken or too small to share here, which is a real shame in my eyes.

There is however light at the end of the tunnel, as there seems to be a handful of younger turners coming to the fold, like Jonathan Leech who we featured in March and this gentleman I’ve brought across today Derek Weidman who is based in America. I’m hoping that in the near future we will start to see some of the more established turners investing time and money into the web, because there’s so many creatives I’ve come across that deserve more exposure.

Derek certainly falls into the category of those deserving of further coverage as his work is unlike anything I’ve ever come across before. In contrast to James Doran – Webb, who’s film I shared on wednesday, Derek doesn’t like to get over fanatic about his works being too realistic and leans more towards an abstract styling. This approach allows him a free hand to create elegant details that wouldn’t appear in the natural world, like the swirled pattern around the nostrils of the hippo in the third image for example and the details on it’s tusks.

I have to admit that previously I only really would have taken notice of woodturned objects that had an everyday use, like a bowl or plate etc. Now I’ve seen Derek’s work however I’ve developed a big admiration for artworks of this medium also. I could imagine smaller pieces around the home providing a little character and interest, I particularly like the top image of the Mandrill with his multiple colours and textures, much like Derek Weidman he’s certainly one of a kind. For more information on the artist and his work visit his website via the link below.


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