Depicting Human Touch – Seduction Sculpture Series by Najla El Zein

Najila El Zein has taken full advantage of her creative license to produce thought provoking pieces that produce a remarkable aesthetic.

El Zein is a designer that hails from Beirut. She uses objects and materials to tell stories and seeks out materials like concrete, slick travertine and porous stone for their rich textures and natural characteristics. She wants touch to be the first thing people experience when they come across her art, but ultimately, she wants the form and function to take over the narrative.

Some of her notable pieces have been released in her Seduction collection. The curves of the objects produce a distinct sex appeal that seduces the viewer through sight and touch.

Pieces like her Seduction Pair 06 feature a vibrant combination of reds, pinks and oranges that blend throughout the Iranian red travertine. The two distinct pieces slump onto each other like two satiated lovers. They draw the viewer in with a need to touch and merge with the sculpture.

Seduction Pair 02 also features two interlocked pieces. The Niwala Sandstone blends various shades of brown and tan. Once of the pieces is larger than the other and hangs over the top of the smaller piece. One is instantly reminded of a parent putting a protective arm around their child.

Seduction Pair 04 + 05 also features the brown blend of Niwala Sandstone. At first glance, your attention is captured by the larger piece that features a bold, square face supported by a hanger-shaped base. On closer inspection, we see a smaller cylindrical piece working through the bottom of the base emphasizing those seductive curves and producing a sense of connection.

El Zein’s objects capture us with their geometric shapes but they tell a story on a deeper level as well. Check out her work to find out how it will seduce your senses.


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