Earthy Expressions – Sculptures by Nathaniel Smith

Sculptures of Nathaniel Smith 1

In the heart of Los Angeles, Nathaniel Smith, the soul behind Common Body, crafts awe-inspiring sculpture and interior objects, each piece a testament to the profound connection between art and nature. His work exudes an enchanting synergy, born from a passionate exploration of earthy materials – clay, stone, beeswax – merging into shapes that echo the human form and its innate bond with the Earth. These pieces, each unique and carrying a part of Nathaniel’s creative essence, emerge as a synthesis of organic textures, natural colours, and precision, manifesting as art objects that hold a magnetic visual appeal and profound depth of meaning.

Nathaniel’s focus on the human body’s fluidity gives his sculptures an almost kinetic quality, as if caught in the midst of a graceful dance. The rounded, flowing forms capture the essence of motion, reminiscent of bodies bending, stretching, and swaying. His meticulous attention to detail is evident in every curve and contour, each carefully considered line and shape. Through his sculptures, Nathaniel achieves a delicate balance, creating a visual dialogue between solidity and movement, each form seeming to hum with a quiet, dynamic energy. The organic textures of the materials used further accentuate this sense of movement, lending a tactile dimension to his work that invites exploration.

Sustainability and community involvement form the bedrock of Nathaniel’s practices at Common Body. The studio consciously sources most of its materials locally, supporting bee health and reducing environmental impact. Just as Nathaniel’s sculptures reflect the interplay of humanity and the natural world, his thoughtful practices mirror a dedication to living in harmony with nature, contributing to the well-being of his surroundings. This, in its essence, is the spirit of Common Body – a celebration of nature’s gifts, an expression of human creativity, and a gentle reminder of our enduring connection with the Earth.

Sculptures of Nathaniel Smith 4

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Sculptures of Nathaniel Smith 5

Sculptures of Nathaniel Smith 3


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