Fragmentation of Space – Bold Striking Forms by Glass Artist Emma Camden


This weekend I took a short trip to the Barbara Hepworth exhibition that’s being shown at Tate Britain. With a sketchbook and pencil in hand I pondered her organic shapes, as well as the use of material and the process in which she used to craft them. Visually I was drawn to the tall flowing forms, but I also admired the contrast between the angular and rounded shapes and how she placed them near each other to create an opposite. So when I saw these glass forms by Emma Camden it reminded me of this, as well as the fact that we often attach imagery to less literal forms.

Here you could say that these sculptures are almost like glaciers, or jagged blocks of ice jutting out from the landscape. This is very similar to the way in which Barbara Hepworth worked, often mimicking the natural formations in her immediate surroundings. These cast glass structures are made by Emma at her studio in Whanganui, New Zealand, the casting process involves a wax prototype which is then encased in a plaster mould. The mould is allowed to set and is released, where molten glass is then poured in to replace the wax and is fired in a kiln for approximately 12 hours. Once fired it goes through a long process of chipping, scratching, cleaning, polishing and grinding to achieve these striking and compelling forms.

Overall I think these are contradictory to what glass forms usually are, delicate and fragile. They are monumental, architectural, and have a sturdy quality that is often not seen in this medium. Hopefully you like them too and will check out more on her webpage linked below, these must looks absolutely incredible when the they reflect and refract light. Enjoy.









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