Frozen in Time – Static Gestures & Figures by Kassandra Thatcher

Ah, the concept of movement frozen in time. One can equate it to dancers who suddenly freeze when moving or gymnasts flying through the air. This sort of frozen movement is exactly what artist Kassandra Thatcher brings us with her Static Gestures and Figures collection.

Thatcher uses clay as her primary creative material. She uses the medium to create sculptures that are biomorphic and expressionist. The pieces are abstract and seem to capture movement appearing as a cross between a human form and something that can be found in nature.

Her collection includes a wide range of modern pieces. Mid-size tabletop sculptures are carefully created with some looking like humans bent over on their haunches in action and ready to pounce at the slightest touch.

Others are more intricate featuring a series of loops, twists and turns. These could be compared to two figures intertwined, the waves of the ocean or the branches of a tree. Still others could be compared to large animals like elephants and rhinoceros.

All of Thatcher’s pieces are plain and unadorned. They are not painted but rather appear in the earthy colors of the clay. The off-white, tan and gray neutral tones are perfect for bringing the viewer’s attention to the simple lines she has created, and they work to bring out the material’s natural texture.

While most pieces are simply display items that can be integrated into décor for their aesthetic beauty, they can also be transformed into lamps. Lampshades are added to make them into useful lighting pieces that are perfect for any living area.

Thatcher’s pieces are perfect for modern, contemporary and industrial settings. Their intricate shapes and unique looks make them a standout in unique artistic landscapes. The way she manages to capture movement in a static piece is truly a testament to her exceptional talent.


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