Moment of Suspension – Sculpture by Spanish Artist Jose Dávila

If you think it’s impossible for a static figure to be in motion, Jose Dávila will make you question everything you believe.

His latest exhibit features statues that are combinations of cubes and large rocks, all precariously layered, one top of the other giving the impression that they may fall any minute. Yet his careful bindings let us know that these magnificent works of art are not going anywhere.

Based in Guadalajara, Dávila’s 20 year career includes an exploration of architecture, symbolism and the integration of space. He enjoys working with a variety of natural materials such as basalt stone, volcanic, rock, limestone and concrete. He focuses on using a variety of shapes and materials to produce a disparity between fragility and permanence which he feels is representative of human nature.

The Moment of Suspension exhibit, in particular, is one that encompasses the vastness of geologic time against an opposing sense of structure. The precarious union of the elements reminds us that, if any part is removed, the unit would be completely destroyed.

With so many parts in motion, the work itself is truly inspiring. He uses stark colors as gray and white cubes are interspersed with the natural color of the boulders. His choice to go with neutral tones makes the pieces appear intentionally primitive overall.

The raw material Davila uses makes the objects an ideal complement for industrial design. He capitalizes on this by displaying the works in room that features gray concrete walls and an unfinished wood ceiling. The exposed surfaces present a vibe of discomfort which is carried through in the juxtaposed shapes of the objects.

Davila has created exceptional pieces that take art appreciation to the next level. The sense of layering leaves us with so much to unfold and explore. The creativity and aesthetic elevates his latest work to masterpiece status.


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