Formations in Nature – Handmade Wire Works by Sculptor Mari Andrews


The more hectic my life becomes the more of an urge I have to scale back and simplify. Often I talk about simplicity in design and art, but I rarely touch on our attitude and mentality as creatives. I believe you can only create work that’s simple and concise when you have a clear mind.

Mari Andrews is a creative that’s inspired me on that front. Not only do I love the simplicity in her work, I’m also fascinated by their serene beauty which seems to stem from a ‘present’ lifestyle, one where she is aware of her surroundings. When I saw her studio photos that we posted on the blog back in 2012 it was obvious she looks at everything around her in a slightly different way, so I thought it was about time we showcase a selection of her works to coincide.

All of them are inspired by nature, with her sculpture consisting of stones, twigs, and other simple objects found out and about on her walks and travels. Often she uses wire to suspend these objects in different formations, creating unique shapes and subtle colours provided through nature. Often we think of sculpture as some sort of expensive side project, but Mary proves this wrong with her own work and she makes most of her work for little to no money. Using only the ideas and concepts that she dreams up in her head. I hope you’ll go over to her website to see more, you won’t be disappointed.









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