New Interview with Sculptor and Artist Rodger Stevens


Since some of you are regulars to the blog but can’t always check back with the site itself, I decided to write a quick post notifying you all of a new interview/feature that went live a few days back. We got together with American artist and sculptor Rodger Stevens, who we’ve long been admirers of and have featured on the blog a few times before (you may recall his work). I’ve had the pleasure of exchanging conversation through email and we’ve had some interesting talks about his creative process, so I thought it was about time I made a proper feature page that could showcase his thoughts and also some of his work.

Rodger is quite unusual in the sense that he works in a medium that isn’t all that common. With wire he creates a variety of forms, from mobiles to wall hangings, each one is truly unique and stems from Rodgers own brain, that’s his only limitation. He also experiments with wood and other salvaged materials to create a mixture of sculptures, so he’s always on the look out for interesting concepts to pursue. You’ll see from the photos on the feature his studio is a very inspiring location, a place he spends a lot of time in, and it looks like a brilliant hub to get creative and let the mind wander.

The above photograph is taken from one of Mr Stevens installations titled “Between Tuesday and Jupiter”, which he put up at the Abingdon 12 gallery in Manhattan’s west Village. It’s a little spot in owner Paul Caddell’s townhouse, who’s been showing Rodgers work for almost ten years now. The title refers to the time Rodger spends on his work, between spending time/taking care of his kids: Tuesday is his daughter Ella Ruby’s nickname and Jupiter is his son’s middle name. I thought it was a lovely personal touch that leads on to the feature nicely. As usual, if you have a spare few minutes I’d also recommend having a click around the Rodger Stevens portfolio as it will give you a good idea of the variety of work that he produces. Either way, I hope you enjoy the feature and you get inspired by his words and wisdom.

Click here to read our interview with American sculptor Rodger Stevens →


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