Opposites Colliding – Concrete & Plant Sculptures by Australian Artist Jamie North

I was recently luck enough to view some work by Jamie North and wanted to bring forward some imagery here and share some of my thoughts on his work. Jamie is a Sydney-based sculptor and artist that uses concrete and other materials in a state of erosion to act like rocks as a base for his work. The key contradictory element here are the plants that he places with care to grow out of these monolithic-looking forms.

It was interesting to note his inspiration sprouted from a Karl Marx quote, ‘All that is solid melts into air’. Some of projects speak to the relationship between nature and architecture, others look to converse with the idea of regeneration and how nature can even push through and find a way through decay. An especially relevant topic in this day and age as we look to technology to fix some of the environmental mistakes of the past.

The two series I picked out are titled ‘Slidings’, which was an exhibition that took place in 2017, and another named ‘Remainder’ that was from the year previous. Remainder is particularly special as he uses these circular forms made from cement, blast furnace slag, coal ash, marble waste and planting to create quite a collaboration. As there were so many great images it was difficult for me to select only a few to showcase here, so I highly recommend going over to his portfolio to flick through all the different series that he’s made throughout the years. He is a real talent and I’m sure it will be inspiring for you to see the progress that he’s made as a creative.