Through Simple Shape – HalfHalf Collection by South Korean Designer Jinsik Kim

Having a strong focus on a particular concept can really pay dividend when it comes to a creatives portfolio. I think this gives you an axis to revolve around and expand your ideas, without this it’s difficult to explore these ideas thoroughly. This is why I was drawn to the work of South Korean Designer Jinsik Kim who is currently based in Seoul.

Jinsik Kim is owner of Studio Jinsik and has taken a particular interest in the boundary that exists between objects and people. His focus is on material, selecting contrasting materials both in colour, texture and property to create a unique divide that harbors a “push pull” effect. I’ve noticed sculptors using this method in the past and it’s been on my radar to explore in more detail, so I’m glad I came across these special pieces of sculptural furniture by Jinsik Kim.

The name of this series is “HalfHalf”, highlighting Jinsik’s experimentation with the potential of stone and metal, using these materials to fabricate unusual tables and stools. By focusing solely on the circle and square he has been able to create a geometric object that crosses the line between function and art. For me personally, I’m happy to see a designer pushing the boundaries and exploring how handcrafted techniques can be adapted in to mass production. You can also see some Korean influence in this regard! Here are some of my favourite pictures from the HalfHalf collection, more can be found on the link below. I hope you like them too.


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