Unique Modular Cases by Tuulia Penttila


I think any idea or creation derives from separate forms or elements that come together. I’ve watched the creation process of many makers from lots of different fields, and surprisingly they all approach design in a similar way. For example a sculptor might start out sketching curved forms as separate entities, later elaborating and composing a piece of artwork. Or an architect who uses a grid to base the height and width of his structural elements, each are worked on separately to achieve something bigger. There’s rarely a time when this isn’t the case.

Finnish designer Tuulia Penttila made me think of these stages with her unique modular cases made from wood. These separate blocks are placed together in strategic ways to create functional cases that could almost be mistaken for seating or shelving, even trap door locations exist inside these boxes, such as little draws and small spaces that offer a functional dimension. I like this concept that a piece of sculpture can transform in to something else and have multiple meanings and functions, such as separating and coming together. Being a sum of its parts.

After reading through Penttila’s bio it became apparent how much in common we have with her, actually the whole site sits nicely with her ethos. One sentence that resonated with me was, “I believe that the only sustainable way to consume is to consume less and to demand more from our objects. Quality rather than quantity.”. Very true, and something that we can all dwell on over the weekend. Have a great one and enjoy these wonderful designs by Tuulia, there’s more innovative shapes like this on her website.









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