Timbers into Timeless Creations – Woodwork by Silvia Song


Over the weekend I spotted Heath Ceramics running a fantastic in-store feature and felt the need to present some of the works here, hopefully it might inspire you to go along and have a look for yourself. Between August 15th and September 15th, 2014 Heath are highlighting a selection of handmade wooden vessels by artist and designer Silvia Song. Viewing the photos of her newest collection, alongside the ones of her making in the studio from her website, really made me think about using a natural material in the design process and why people are drawn to nature itself.

I decided to take a visit to Kettle’s Yard over the weekend, it was brilliant browsing the home and collection of Jim and Helen Ede, Jim being the curator at the Tate Gallery during the 1920’s and 30’s. Alongside the beautiful selection of works by the likes of Lucie Rie, Barbara Hepworth and Constantin Brancusi, the home also featured an abundance of sculptures made out of natural materials like wood, stone and clay. As well as this, artefacts created by nature that hadn’t been manipulated at all but arranged in a unique way, a set or rocks or seashells for example. These works by Silvia remind me of this collaboration between man and nature, creating something useful and beautiful.

It’s obvious to see the driving force in her work is to uncover the beauty hidden in the timber, as well as creating something timeless that you’ll find in the home for many years to come. In fact, these vessels being shown at Heath are exactly like those pieces that you uncover 70 years down the line and still think they look modern. Even in the midst of today’s technological age Silvia shows the beauty of the wood and the love in creating an object by hand, this exhibit is definitely worth visiting so you can pick the vessels up and appreciate them in person.














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