360 House by Subarquitectura

Apologies if you’ve come across this project before but this Madrid based build and it’s concept really intrigued me when browsing around today. The design of the 360 House, which was realised three years ago by Subarquiteura firm, is something I’ve not come across before, the house is looped back on itself offering the owner two directions in which to reach their desired destination within the home. It’s a really bold piece of architecture and one I’m sure will be remembered by many of you for it’s iconic aesthetic.

For the most part I’m struggling to decide whether this design has been put together with prominence given to the form of the home or to the function. I don’t want to get too tied up in this classic debate as we could go on for hours about this topic, however you could say the designers have found a gentle balance of both. Evidentially this isn’t a conventional home in terms of appearance, although the free flowing function is hardly the norm either, for me it’s a quirky marriage of both which to put simply works.

That description hardly does this house justice, however when you consider how spectacular and individual the home is on the outside the fact they’ve been able to match this within the use of the building is quite commendable and somewhat of a masterstroke. One thing I really love about this home is the fact from the front of the property the home seems rather extrinsic with the lack of windows and therefore views into the home.

Yet upon viewing the rear of the 360 house you realise it’s then liberated by a continuous line of boxed windows, with the front of property intentionally designed this way in the interest of privacy. All in all I think this home is quite deceptive on the face of things, initially it seems the 360 element has everything to do with the look of the house and nothing of the function. On the contrary however it’s considered, efficient, and I’m sure a joy to dwell. For more information on this project or others of a similar nature why not head across to the Subarquiteura dedicated webpage via the link below.



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