Architecture as Canvas – Glass Openings and Walkways by Sarah Oppenheimer


Let me just say this, wow! These glass openings and walkways by Sarah Oppenheimer are really something special. There’s manipulating spaces, but then there’s really going beyond that and playing tricks on the mind. It’s also nice to see someone challenging architecture, at the end of the day we all live in boxes and Sarah has decided to go against this trapping and distort our perception of an interior’s geometry.

The Texas-born creative studied painting at Yale University, but has been working with architecture as her medium for the last 10 years. Wanting to break free from the constraints that she had as an artist, Sarah turned her attention to rethinking the way in which we navigate through spaces. Although not trained in architecture per-se, she’s really come out the blocks and has started breaking the boundaries very early on.

Her works are created by making incisions in the walls and inserting large panes of glass at different angles, the glass not only invites the visitor to pass through but from different angles they’re deceptive. I can’t help but link these to a functional form of abstract art, or geometric shapes on a canvas, which is obviously the inspiration with her background in painting. Overall I recommend keeping an eye out for future work from Sarah, there’s some fantastic experimentation going on.