BR House by Marcio Kogan

One thing that’s always a big frustration for us is actually being able to find the relevant media to document a project, idea or product that we admire. This might sound simple but often it can be a real uphill battle. So today I’ve dug my way through two photographers portfolios to document the work of Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan and his breathtaking BR House, I just hope Nelson Kon and Richard Powers forgive me. Luckily these guys are of similar standards and styles so I was able to put together quite the series that showcases what a remarkable home this is.

The house itself is located in the Brazilian town of Petropolis which is roughly one and half hours drive from Rio de Janeiro in the verdant valley. This valley is boarded by a rainforest so the house works as a fantastic vantage point for the surrounding wildlife, Marcio has taken this environment as a huge influence on his design with large areas of the home encased in floor to ceiling glass. The best example of this is perhaps seen in the living area which is the initial entry to the property via the bridge. Here the owner is provided with a complete panoramic view of the surrounding forests, with Marcio using these transparent walls for the dual purpose of both light and entertainment. An uncluttered interior draws your eye out onto the treescapes in the background, ideal for taking a little down time to watch the local Tamarin monkeys playing amongst the treetops. This space is obviously one of the biggest highlights of the home and would clearly be my favourite area to spend time in, however we shouldn’t disregard what else the home has to offer.

Overall the house is actually really versatile as Marcio has done a wonderful job of combining both privacy and showcasing the best of the builds surroundings. He achieves this through a series of sliding screens which have been made out of a local teak hardwood. I love the fact that he has consciously kept all ties to the local environment throughout the design, it shows the class of the designer and the levels of consideration he has gone to in order to create this home. These screens are also the perfect foil to the warm Brazilian climate in the hotter months of the year, providing both shade and seclusion in equal measure.

The final element of this house that really impressed me was streamline pool found at the underside of the property, it’s quite understated and small but serves it’s purpose well. Sauna, bathroom and service areas sit alongside the pool with a partially shaded terrace formed from the house above. The stone walls around the pool have all been locally sourced which continues around the entire base of the property. These add just that dash of character needed to offset the minimal approach found above, a subtle masterstroke in my opinion.

For further information on this project and others by Marcio Kogan head over to his personal webpage via the link below. In the meantime I hope you enjoy what we have here and I bid you farewell for now. Enjoy.


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