The InBetween House by Koji Tsutsui Architects

Built as a mountain retreat from the hustle of Tokyo this “InBetween” home designed by Koji Tsutsui architects sits flawlessly into it’s surrounding topography and neighbouring culture. Constructed using locally sourced and prepared larch wood Koji Tsutsui opted to incorporate traditional Japanese wood construction methods in the build. This way local craftsmen where able to skillfully create each structural wood member one at a time, adding a personal touch to the home whilst also involving the local community.

Unlike many designers educated in the west Japanese architects have an inherent connection with the surrounding environment that a new home will sit in. I’m an avid fan of the idea that a house is not a separate entity from it’s surroundings and to isolate it like we do here in Europe just doesn’t seem right. Especially when you have such beautiful scenery available like this Nagano based build, I’m sure this must be the perfect get away given it’s only an hour away from Tokyo on the Bullet train.

We all know how advanced the Japanese are in the technology department so perhaps in the future more architects here will pick these design ideals up much like the delay in the newest phone or computer we have. Who knows! I just love the harmony that this house brings, I’d imagine it would be perfect for sitting and contemplating over new ideas. If you enjoyed this build and would like to see more from the Koji Tsutsui team their webpage would be a great place to start which I will link to just below.


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  • Eric M. Ellis

    Reminds me of the house from Murakami’s Norwegian Wood where Toru visits Naoko, or at least it resembles what I imagined it to be, a serene escape amongst the trees. Wish I were there now.

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