A Day At The Races By Philip Bloom

Starting at approximately 4.30 in the morning to shoot this project Philip Bloom went about creating this insightful visual production about horse racing in America. In his recent blog post on this piece Philip mentions that he was surprised by the types of people involved in the American horse racing when compared to those here in England. Often young students seem to be involved here, in contrast at the hollywood stables he found Latin American guys with large filmic moustaches, he didn’t mind to much though as this all added to the character and culture of the piece. Theres a real community feel to this piece which I like, Philip has captured the welcoming nature of these individuals, who seem warming to those who want to learn about their sport and lifestyle. The original purpose of this video was to test out footage using Illya Friedman’s new Pl Camera, which is simply a very nicely modified canon 7D. You’d have to ask Philip himself, but I think this setup passed the testing, for more information on this piece follow the link below.

Music by Loscil
Song: Charlie
Album: Plume

Read more about this piece of Philip Blooms Blog here


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