A Formal Sparseness – Unique Quilts Handmade by Artisans for Bosna Quilts

Quilting is not my expertise by any means but I’ve found that there are many parallels between our project here at OEN and this specific medium. First there is the element of craftsmanship with the materials and the process in which they are made, it usually requires the dedicated hands of a maker to construct them. The design element is usually one of the only things missing but luckily we have a small studio that goes by the name of Bosna to cover this department too.

The colours and composition chosen, also the materials used for the patchwork, are all thanks to Lucia Lienhard-Giesinger in Bregenz, Austria. The quilting itself is done by hand by eleven Bosnian women in Goražde. Assigning Lucia’s keen eye to this medium has obviously been essential to the development of this project, but each woman who makes these has a lot of freedom over their artistic style and extra additions are added freely during the time of production. This truly is a collaboration between designer and maker.

What was mind boggling for me was to see the close-up photographs of the quilts and to see all the fine details scattered across the surface. No wonder why these are exhibited and can serve as pieces of art considering the time and care taken during the production process. Here are a few pictures from this cool little workshop, more can be found on the link below. I hope you enjoy browsing through and find it inspiring.