Dream By Blake Myers

You can always rely on New Zealand based creative Blake Myers to produce something vivid and imaginative when everything else seems to be a little too bland and mundane. After a long while crawling the web for creative projects I decided to give Blake’s page a visit and I wasn’t disappointed in what I found, with this little film below being titled “Dream”.

Although this piece is only short I love the techniques used by Blake to craft this dream like state. He often presents the visuals on a series of layers, which works really well, giving off this surreal type of aesthetic. Blake created this a little while back but It hadn’t got the views I’d expected it to, given the quality, so i’ve brought it across for us all to enjoy.

Blake has setup a little ‘on the side’ website to promote his work and also a handful of his good friends. So for the latest and greatest from Blake and Co be sure to head over to the kids with talons webpage.