Ethereal Gestures – Light Paintings by American Artist Heather McKenna

Wow. So inspired by Brooklyn-based artist Heather McKenna and her wonderful paintings. Some works are part of her ‘Inclinations’ series for an exhibit at the Spencer Brownstone Gallery in New York that took place in 2018. Admittedly this was a little while back, but I thought the combination of Gabriela Vainsencher’s slumped porcelain objects and Tim Simonds sculptural planting made for quite the spectacle.

McKenna’s ethereal pieces are classed as ‘light paintings’ that depict light and shadow over disconnected and asymmetrical panels. The ‘but it did, and you saw it’ series also plays with a similar theme, touching on the topic of shadows being cast and how they form their own independent images.

I have always felt that there’s a much deeper connection to our creative pursuits. A pursuit of self. Heather does that in her own work, not only presenting her own expression but also that of other people and the objects surrounding us. This ‘inclination’ leans out of us and in to the world, what might spiritually be seen as rays of light. Something interesting to ponder the next time you yourself analyse your own perception of the world.

A shadow is always second, in reference to, always pointing.
The light changes. A different shape, a different form. It’s moving, not still.
So what pushed you to place that there? Who said where to look?
No one meant for that _______ to cast a shadow, but it did, and you saw it, and it formed an image like this.

– Heather McKenna


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