Everyday Abstracted – Paintings by Dutch Artist Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

There’s something about mixing not just the type of media used but also different creative professions, such as illustration and graphic design. It certainly makes for a unique twist on the final output of a design as the influences mix and merge. Here, for example, Dutch creative Jordy van den Nieuwendijk is both an artist and a commercial illustrator, working with The New York Times and many more in the commercial world. It’s interesting then to see how this background plays a role in his personal paintings that I’ve highlighted here.

Jordy explores objects of everyday life, abstracting them through the use of primary colour palettes and simplified shapes that break the scene or object down to the essentials. Although not always decipherable, theres a silhouette or outline that highlights a physical representation of sorts. An expression of both space and form that’s relayed to the viewer.

It reminded me of the differences in surfaces and shadows that are needed to translate such a scene and give an object depth. Although considered and calculated, which comes from the careful ‘boundaries’ that Jordy integrates in to his work, there’s a playful attitude throughout that’s whimsical and full of joy. It’s sure to bring that sense of creativity to any onlooker. Hopefully Jordy’s work also sparks the creativity in you too.


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