Exploring Abstract & Cubist Styles – Artworks by Atelier CPH and The Poster Club

Sometimes it’s the simple things that intrigue me. This small collaboration between multidisciplinary creative studio Atelier CPH and The Poster Club caught my attention for a number of reasons. I liked the idea of these two joining forces, as well as the shapes and colours used in the final artworks.

I’ve been following The Poster Club for a while as I think their project is really great. Most can’t afford really expensive pieces of art, actually you would do well to collect a few throughout a lifetime, so prints are an affordable way to put a artistic spin on an interior space. I own a few from a selection of my favourite artists, as well as a couple of original painted canvases, the mixture of the two create a really nice balance.

These two prints were made to explore different styles in Cubism and Abstract sculptures. They studied elements from both categories and looked to use certain visual cues that could link to a human face, in which I think they’ve succeeded. Here’s a few photos from the small collection but there’s also others available to explore on both websites linked below. It’s really fun to scan through and see all the different styles and creative combinations that designers from around the world have thought of. Enjoy.



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