Merging Art & Physics – Torque Series by Artist Matthew Hawtin

Viewing Matthew Hawtin’s work it makes you wonder, is it art or is it sculpture? Or perhaps it’s a bit of both. If you answered the latter then I think you would be correct.

Hawtin started his ‘Torqued’ series in 1998 and this has been an important theme throughout his artistic career ever since. By using the basic principles of painting, which is to say, line, colour and shape, the works are applied to custom built stretcher frames that “torque” the surface of the painting in to these unique silhouettes. The series continues to evolve and torqued panels have since been introduced using fibreglass and custom mounting brackets to give pieces the appearance that they are floating.

Individually they are striking, but as a grouping is where their true power is showcased. By juxtaposing there’s an interesting dynamism thanks to the elevated sides that jut out. Combine this with an ever changing scene as you move around the room, you are certainly on to a winner.

The current Torque Series is a fine example of modern art jumping out, but Matthew does it in a way that’s subtle and thought provoking. See more from this series via his portfolio linked below.

Matthew Hawtin 6

Matthew Hawtin 7

Matthew Hawtin 8

Matthew Hawtin 10

Matthew Hawtin 9

Matthew Hawtin 11


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