Ideal landscapes – Indigo Dyed Artworks by Atlanta Artist Lynn Pollard


Simplicity in the method of making has been a constant theme here throughout the years, and it doesn’t seem to be something that will drift away anytime soon. The Japanese convey this quite beautifully in their scrolls that are hung in the tokonoma, I’ve been watching quite a few documentaries on the spiritual meaning of these scrolls, also the making processes and how they go about mounting them to accentuate the wording or imagery. Obviously, attention is paid to every aspect of the process and they refine them to make the most of all elements.

Similar could be said for the abstract art that we often feature here, I’m mainly drawn to artist’s that can eliminate the unnecessary and convey meaning in a limited number of shapes and colours. Someone who has combined the two quite well in my opinion is Lynn Pollard, an Atlanta-based artist that creates artworks by dipping paper in to indigo. She was inspired to use an old indigo vat that she had at her studio after taking a course on Japanese paper making.

The process she goes through is to fold the paper and then dip the pieces in to the vat to create abstract imagery. Each vat is carefully mixed with indigo and different ingredients, using her skills in chemistry to good effect and calculating the right formula for each colour and shade needed. Often there is an air of unpredictability about the process, but this is nature itself and is probably one of the most appealing parts about the finished articles of work. Hopefully you like them too and will keep an eye out for other works by Lynn Pollard via her website.










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