Illustration From Paul X. Johnson

English creative Paul X. Johnson brings us this small collection of illustrated works which have been created in his north east home by the sea. Paul seems to be a great recycler of older styles and scenes, all of his projects have a vintage undertone running throughout.

Using a pastel colour palette Paul is able to create a soft yet striking series of work with high amounts of layers providing both great depth and a sense of realism. He seems to be a great promoter of the idea of individualism in the characters he creates, with a good measure of personality crafted into each scene.

It’s interesting to see the range of body language that can be found in his portfolio, Paul pays great attention to the finer details which really makes the pieces merge together. Just from viewing these quickly you begin to imagine the different scenarios of the characters, their thoughts, and individual situations which is something I don’t normally find myself doing. Inspiring stuff, for more work from Paul be sure to head through to his page via the link below.