Metropolis Anonymity By Jakob Wagner

A tight collection of selected images brought to us from Dusseldorf (Germany) based landscape and fine art photographer Jakob Wagner. I found this neat series while browsing through Jakob’s portfolio, it provided a unique feel and look I had yet to see, so I decided to bring it across for us all to view. The innocent child against the dark urban background of these pieces makes for a capturing series, I think the children’s eyes in these halftones are quite telling of different personalities and emotions. The bottom image for example showcases the anxiety of the young girl, her stance gives off the idea that she is shy timid and scared. When comparing this to the top image the boy offers a fixated look in his eyes which offers a strong and captivating look, he stares deeply as if he has seen something disturbing while holding his face in a way to suggest defiance against this. In the middle image we see the young boy offer quite a trusting stance and look in his eyes, which completes an all round contrast between these three images. Of course this is just what I have taken from this short series of images, and perhaps each of you will see something different, take a look a feel free to let me know what you all see though the comment box below.

This is just one cross section of many series provided by photographer Jakob Wagner on his portfolio, he really does offer such a range of unique images and he gives off the impression that he strives to find new avenues to separate himself from the average photography project. His other latest pieces include an arial view of Africa which is fantastic, i would recommend a visit over for those interested in creative photography, as always – find the link attached below

Find more from photographer Jakob Wagner here


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