Plain Lines – Abstract Art by Norwegian Architect Line Marie Stein Myklebust

To me inspirations and experiences are far more important to our progression as creatives than conceptual thinking. That’s why I was drawn to the work of Line Marie Stein Myklebust, an architect and artist based in Oslo, Norway. There are no frills here, just pure exploration of colour and shape through her painting on canvas.

Line’s about page on her website is very amusing and is certainly worth a read. Here she explains a bit about her background as an architect and how many of the viewpoints are pretentious and are not backed by any real meaning. Artistically her work is “some paint and your own perception”, using the architectural inspirations that she has built up over the years as an obvious base for her art. Not guiding you, but guiding her own perception that might in turn reflect differently on you.

I think there’s a point where you can have so much information that it becomes stifling instead of effective in the actual pursuit of producing something of substance. Realistically we have to be in ‘the trenches’ so to speak, exploring as we go and experimenting at every turn. It’s only after breaking down the different walls can we fabricate work that has some uniqueness or potential to act on. I respect Line’s work a lot and wanted to highlight her experimental paintings here, more like this can be found on her portfolio below. Enjoy.


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