Simple Organic Shapes – Digital Collages by Hungarian Illustrator Anna Kövecses

I was looking for flowing shapes and something bright and much to my pleasure came across the work of Hungarian Illustrator and artist Anna Kövecses. I think I’ve had great success finding artists who are similarly talented, such as Chad Kouri and Lisa Thimm, but Anna’s work stuck out since she has specialised in creating digital collages from her art. Quite rare I think.

In a way even the most abstract of art tells a story. Anna has the talent of being able to work with publications and produce her own works that use simple shapes to give meaning to a picture. Sometimes it takes a while to study but the picture eventually unfurls in front of you, with the bright colours and organic shapes having an interesting balance and a harmonious and a digital edge that intrigues me.

Anna currently lives and works in a small seaside village on the island of Cyprus. Interestingly her creativity comes from keeping her naivety, transferring these child like qualities in to her work. The colours and scenes that she creates are also inspired by her surroundings, with her process often involving oil pastels and experiments with clay or paints, later transferred to a digital format. This link with the digital world makes me want to follow Anna’s work in more detail, so I picked out some of my favourite imagery from her website and I hope you will also check out more of her work on the link below.


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