Stay Home By Caleb Wood

Caleb Wood is creating again after a little break from sharing online, which is great to see as he is one of my favorite creatives when it comes to animation. Once again he brings us this candid handmade style which is packed full of charm and character, which has been created on a paper canvas in a nice simple stark black and white colour palette.

This project is titled Stay Home and is based centerally around a house in which both a cat and dog hold residence, Caleb explains each day “the sun shines down, and a day goes by” in their remote little scene. This was actually created as part of Caleb’s degree at Rhode Island school of Design, it’s great to see such talented students producing work of such a high standard.

I can’t wait to see what Caleb can do when he graduates, I’m sure his stock will be in high demand if he continues creating and improving each day. If you would like to view more of Caleb’s work you can take a browse through our archive or head over to Vimeo where he is hosting over thirty videos, each ready and waiting to be viewed.


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