Interconnectedness of Things – Works in Clay by Jonathan Phillips

Jonathan Phillips was an artist I spotted on Instagram quite a while back and have been following intently ever since. Currently based on the Welsh borders, Phillips was assistant to Italian potter Pietro Maddalena and later moved back to the UK to pursue ceramics as a career.

Although the proportioned geometric shapes are something to marvel at, all of which are made on the pottery wheel, I was especially intrigued by his use of composition as a way of distinguishing his work from the other artists out there.

The lightness in the clay reminded me of Japanese artist Makoto Saito’s work, but the element of juxtaposing the shapes and colours is such a smart idea and one that I think Phillips is presenting perfectly.

In addition to the ceramic art, Phillips is also using watercolour painting as another medium to express himself. These works consist of small shapes that take up a very small portion of the paper and are centrally located. They are lightly coloured in various monotone shades to provide a sense of contrast. The viewer must fully concentrate to see the design, forcing them to pay full attention and peer closer to see all the detail.

Even the art on paper talks more in to this idea of “the relationship between things”. This purity and simplicity is so calming and almost creates a pause for us a to sit and ponder. Not just about art, but life and the interconnectedness of things.


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