Ocean Primitive – Ceramic Creations by Patricia Ribet


When browsing ceramics I’m often searching for that mid-point between something that’s aesthetically pleasing, taking in to account shape, form and colour, alongside naturally occurring defects. Calling out your admiration for defects might seem a bit weird to some, but it’s actually rather complex and is hard to explain in words alone. It’s something you feel when you engage with an object of true quality. I suppose I’m looking for a form that appears “correct” on the eye, but with an expressive nature that brings warmth in both use and function.

I personally see design as layers stacked on layers, for example the base layer is something that doesn’t detract from anything placed on it, minimising physical and visual pollution. This mainly applies to industrial objects, such as shelving and furniture, but can also be seen at lower and higher levels depending on the situation. This in turn leaves space for the users expression. French artist Patricia Ribet proves that you can balance both expressive and aesthetically pleasing form in a set of handmade objects.

Growing up between the Landes coast and Toulouse region of France, Patricia spent her childhood drawing and painting before pursuing graphic design as a career. Influenced by primitive art, alongside Japanese aesthetics, Patricia has been incorporating these in to her own stoneware creations under the studio name ‘Ocean Primitive’. She has ended up with a selection of fantastic ceramic works that are contemporary with a lot of warmth and charm. From small to large, her pieces are very nice and would be a perfect compliment to any room. You can find these objects and more with a similar aesthetic on her website, enjoy.










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