Painting & Porcelain – Works by Swedish Maker and Designer Anna Lerinder


Truth be told, I found this work by Anna Lerinder a few months back but for some reason it never found its way on to the blog. Recently I’ve been researching how we visualise 3D objects from drawings, paintings, and even photography for that matter. It instantly made me think of Anna Lerinder’s work, her portfolio showcases some fantastic minimalist artwork which, in many ways, links in with the porcelain bowls and vessels that she’s also designed.

A Swedish designer based in Stockholm, Anna’s been making a selection of contemporary bowls and cylinders from porcelain. What’s interesting about the bowls is that she’s started to transition some of her 2D painting techniques on to the bowls themselves. Looking through her art you can see that she’s been using flat colours, but underneath her canvas is often textured and raised. Some of this painting has then transitioned itself on to the ceramics, from flat colours such as black, blue and grey, to those with more expression.

Overall, I like the style of these and admire her passion for simplicity and minimalism. I also like how she’s currently in unchartered territory, in the middle of contemporary forms that are purely functionality, to those that are more expressive and how you can infiltrate this in to a collection or portfolio. Anyway, I urge you to browse her website for more, I’ve placed a few of my favourites images below.