Snap, Crackle & Pop – Ceramic Creations by Artist Josefina Munoz

There are certain objects that have a functionality buried in their beauty. Even though these objects have a functional use, their artistic nature makes you want to gaze at them for the pure sculptural value alone. Josefina Munoz makes ceramic objects that stun and amaze, to the point where you will want to do little more than display them for their terrific looks, yet they can also a part of your daily life.

One of Munoz’s many creations is a dining set. The plates range in size from large entrée dishes to dessert dishes and there is a cup and bowl included. The plates are stark white, but feature Munoz’s signature cracked look that gives them a weathered appearance.

When stacked on top of each other, the pieces resemble a small artistic structure rather than something that can be eaten off of. Maybe save these for fancy celebrations!

Another notable creation is Munoz’s Atacama Vases. Named after the South American desert, the top of the vases’ cracked texture can easily be compared to the dry surfaces found in arid regions. They are complemented by a smooth, darker base that appears as a light tan color that balances the vases wonderfully. They are available in small, medium and large sizes.

Munoz is an Argentinian designer that works out of the Geneva area. She specializes in contemporary designs that have distinct underlying meanings and provide a sense of serenity. She uses stone, glass, ceramic and other materials to make pieces that have earned her worldwide recognition.

The objects Munoz makes brings an aesthetic that goes beyond the imaginable. To think her pieces of art can also serve a practical purpose in our every day lives is hard to wrap one’s head around. Yet, her models are worth owning for their beauty alone.

So what do you think? Will you be eating off her plates or putting objects in her vases? Either way, they deserve to displayed in all their glory.


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