Tableware by Kaori Tatebayashi


I have to say, I do find it hard to write about anything that I have little to no knowledge of. At the same time this blog is a place for me to expand my mind, even subjects that I thought I knew a lot about throw up new and interesting facts on a regular basis. I’m always amazed by the depth of each area and how many layers you can peel back. One of the best ways to gain information is to actually talk to the individuals in that sector and get first hand advice, something I did myself this weekend. I bumped in to Japanese potter Kaori Tatebayashi in London and she made me aware of her freshly updated website. I’ve been meaning to showcase and talk about her work for a while, but for some reason or another it’s never actually happened, so this seems like the perfect chance to highlight her new tableware for 2013.

Since working hard on my own pottery developments, my appreciation for the little details has gone through the roof. Kaori is one of those potters that makes very understated work, but each piece has its own unique character with none being exactly the same. I guess that’s where the makers skill really comes to light, whether they can convey their personality in all the objects that they produce. Even though Kaori makes tableware that has a traditional form, they have a totally different feeling from your standard wares. I own a cup by her myself and I’ve been using it for my daily cups of tea in the office, funnily enough the liquid inside seems to taste better, I don’t know why this is but I’m assuming it’s all in my head. But lets face it, having a little bit of extra pleasure in tasks that we often take for granted isn’t going to harm, overall it’s only going to improve our quality of life.

The photos that I picked out today are some of many from her new website, which features a nice mixture of both her functional wares and also sculptural pieces. I’d recommend clicking through to get a full appreciation for her work as a whole, rather than just what is shown here. You’re sure to be impressed!










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