A Sensory Experience – Metal Vessels Crafted by British Artist Adi Toch

Some design offers more than just a visual experience. Adi Toch believes that metal vessels and containers are a unique method of communication, engaging and able to stimulate our senses. Experimenting with rounded metal vessels, which are both functional and sculptural, she looks to offer this sensory experience that’s often overlooked.

Toch uses metals to construct her range of pourers, water vessels, and bowls. She looks to redefine this material, exploring what can be seen, heard and felt. The manufacturing process of the vessels starts with a flat sheet and from there she forms the metal into hollow shapes using hammers and other metalworking tools. Through texturing, mark-making and patination she creates a unique visual language through metal alone.

Throughout the process the metals communicate with her through all the senses, from the unique clanking of the hammer on different parts of the metal to the coarse feeling of sandpaper over the surface as the metal turn into a smooth finish. The performance of the works starts during the manufacturing process but also carries on during its entire life, from the sound it makes on different surfaces, to the vibrations when it’s filled with a substance.

With certain objects Toch also invites interaction and play by adding sand or gemstones to the interior oof the vessel. These can move inside the vessel but cannot be emptied. It then produces sound and offers the observer a look into the communicative characteristic of space and metal combined.

Toch’s range is visually stunning and an incredibly unique body of work. It invites the observer to pick it up and to look more closely, exploring a deeper story.

Toch graduated with a masters in Art, Design and Visual Culture from The Cass, London in 2009. Her work is exhibited around the world and has won several prestigious awards. Today, her work can be seen in various public collections, including The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Crafts Council UK and The Goldsmiths’ Company.