Ceramics at Mr Kitly

Large, beautiful teapot by Melbourne ceramicist Valerie Restarick.

So although we don’t tend to write over the weekend I still spend my mornings on the look out for new and inspiring work, sometimes I just stumble across creative things due to general research, other times one subject leads to another or I’m re-visiting a place that we’ve come across before. It’s a thrill uncovering new content and talent that no one else has seen, so this shop that we’re showcasing today named Mr Kitly must have a real whale of a time when selecting products to stock.

The store that they own is based in Melbourne, Australia and is a gallery space/shop which stocks a varied selection of design pieces and handcrafted wares by local and international designers. They sell a mixture of objects such as textiles, woodwork, metalware, jewellery, bags, books, and ceramics, in which I decided to group together today. One thing I like about the store in-particular is the fact that they’re really into supporting the Australian creative scene and artists from that way in general, I literally live on the other side of the world from these guys and girls but I still try to admire their work from afar. I’m not really up on the Australian art scene as such but Mr Kitly do a good job at keeping me informed which means I can uncover new talent. I’m going to point out a few today from this amazing photography of their ceramic work for sale.

First up we’ve got a superb teapot by Melbourne ceramicist Valerie Restarick that comes in both a grey and blue glaze, above is the grey glaze which is really exceptional in my opinion. I love the bamboo handle and I also like how the glaze makes the ceramic look almost like stoneware. A couple from the top is a pothead ceramic planter by Kim Jaeger, another talented Melbourne ceramicist who seems to be producing slightly more abstract work. For example this head shaped piece really reminds me of Picasso and the sculptures he used to make, you can place a plant in it making it a real focal point of a room.

Overall a fantastic selection which I’m sure you’ll be enticed by, I know was blown away by all the different shapes and finishes. It’s hard not to admire the product photography as well, they’ve done a great job at conveying these pieces by using grainy 35mm film shots which have a lot of character, just like the objects themselves. If you’re interested all of these ceramic items are available to purchase at the Mr Kitly webshop, so head that way to see the prices and more information.


Facet ceramic cups by Tara Shackell. Made from molds taken from recycled faceted glasses.

Pothead ceramic planter by Kim Jaeger.

Shino Takeda tea set.

Dinner plate by Brooklyn-based artist Kara Miller with copper circle feature.

A beautiful set for tea by Shino Takeda.

Moody landscape vessels by Melbourne ceramicist Tara Shackell.

Handmade 3-legged planter by Bridget Bodenham.


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