Exploring Vessel Forms – Ceramic and Glass Works by Artist Andrea Walsh

From a technical standpoint it’s interesting to see how the different recesses in an open vessel form create a unique kind of atmosphere depending on the depth and dimensions. As I’ve worked more closely with ceramics it’s made me think about these minute details with more complexity, something I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. So I was quite happy to come across these works by Edinburgh-based artist Andrea Walsh.

Andrea Walsh has been exploring the box and vessel form, using a range of materials including ceramic, glass and metal. The ones I am showing here are mainly glass and ceramic, but they are really well crafted and feature a restraint that is rarely seen in ‘art objects’. For this reason her work has attracted lots of admirers and continues to be included in many museums throughout the world.

As well as the shapes that she has crafted, the levels of colour and the layers seen in the glass are also great to see and it’s something I would like to bring across in to my own work. Here is a small selection from her website, more like this can be seen on the link below. Enjoy.