Fathers Edition – Table and Mobile by Belgian Designer Christophe Gevers

One of the many aspects that intrigues me about design in general is the many layers that an object can have. Looking at something in a one dimensional manner is ok on the face of it, but a designers job is to understand how humans interact with objects and the reasoning behind being attracted to an object. If your design is not placed in the hands of the user can it be considered a success or not?

This project founded by Vincent Colet named Fathers Edition embodies many of these values. His goal is to discover overlooked design pieces that he believes have their rightful place among the classics of design history. Each piece he picks has to be modern and functional, recognising the designer who designed these objects and supporting design that can be kept for a lifetime.

In its infancy this project currently has two objects available, both of which were designed by Belgian designer Christophe Gevers. Although I’ve heard his name in the past, Christophe is fairly unknown to me and I’m really intrigued by his story. Here are a few images of his table and mobile from the Fathers Edition website, more can be seen on the link below. I look forward to seeing what else they have on offer in the future.


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