Fragments & Spaces – Hand Dyed and Hand Woven Rugs by Tantuvi

No matter what creative field you reside in I think it’s vital to study all the different arts. German-born American artist Anni Albers was the one that really pulled me in to weaving and textile production through her attitudes and beliefs that everything created by an artist acted as a representative of the ancient methods and techniques responsible for the creation of all things. It’s a fascinating way of thinking and showcases the importance of cross over when it comes to inspiration.

Designer Arati Rao founded Tantuvi in 2016 while reconnecting with her ancestral roots and cultivating a relationship with India’s hand-loom textile traditions. What has come of it is a beautiful collection of modern, artistic textile rugs that were debuted in 2016 in collaboration with artist Adam Sipe. That particular series was inspired by the early experiments in formal abstract animation. Arati has since gone on to split the different series and create distinct groupings, a beautiful selection on offer that I really admire.

What I especially liked to see was that Arati works in collaboration with the craftsmen and looks to the improvement of their well-being by discovering ways in which we can revive and support the growth of these industries. I hope Arati continues on her quest and I look forward to seeing what else her project has to offer in the near future. You can support this work by going to the Tantuvi website on the link below.


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