Geometric Candle Snuffers – Designed by Pablo Alabau, Vera & Kyte and Yonoh

I think for any designer technology is a massive source of interest and is something any creative in this day and age has to consider and research on a regular basis. Technology, for me, has always given me a platform to create and share my current mindset, as well given me the freedom to work on what you see here today. So it’s not surprising then that I would be attracted to works that consider this viewpoint and use these modern techniques in some way or another.

This project is a fusion between old and new, a concept that always appeals to me. In a functional sense candle snuffers have been around for decades but I came across this small collection designed for OTHR, a set of geometric candle snuffers that were individually designed each from a different city around the world by Pablo Alabau, Vera & Kyte, and Studio Yonoh. The pieces themselves obviously reference the geometric shapes that you find in the Bauhaus and abstract art, but the method of production is by 3D printing, a fairly new phenomenon.

The steel itself is 3D printed to build the shape seen here, they are later numbered and will be sold as a crafted item on the OTHR website. I’m intrigued how in the future we will perceive handcrafted items and how much more freedom we might have in producing small quantities of unique objects. Something to ponder. Anyway, more can be seen on the OTHR website linked below, enjoy.