Our Connection With Reality – Furniture & Objects by Marta Ayala Herrera

I think it’s always important to view things as a whole and take in to account the progression of different projects and where many of them spawn from. I’ve found that it’s very easy to take something at face value, so I like to find a project that inspires me and then scan through the designer or artist’s portfolio looking for inspiration quite intently. If you look hard enough you can often see the links between the different series and how they have worked through to get to their current pattern of thought.

These works by Marta Ayala Herrera inspired me indeed, a Spanish designer who is interested in exploring the relationship between the human and their environment through objects alone. The projects I picked out include a mirror that is distorting the lines between function and art, as well as a furniture series geometric in nature and can be positions in various ways.

Marta said something in her bio that struck true with many of the thoughts that have been running through my mind lately. “Design is what connects people with their own reality”. It’s very true and I think is one of the many reasons why these creative works can mean something to us. Here are a few of my favourite images, more can be seen on her website linked below. Enjoy.



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