In Between for Inframince Designed by BCXSY

I bumped into this superb collection earlier which really intrigued me, a series designed by BCXSY and was commissioned by Japanese company Inframince. It’s part of project called ’tile_objects 01′, which I don’t know too much about myself, but I do know that Inframince have got together with a few other other design studios to produce one of a kind products for an exhibition.

What drew me towards these in particular is the fact that they have a big link with craft and they’re also made of glass, something that I’m always on the hunt for but never really find much of. I guess the reason why is because the style that we admire, simplistic and natural, is mostly mass produced and is churned out at a heavy rate. Most independent glass makers end up making elaborate work, tending to gravitate more towards the artist category, which makes sense really when you think they need to separate themselves from the pack. But I love to see people who think about glass and its functions in a simplistic way, challenging the concept of mass production and how humans link to the process.

This project titled ‘In Between’ looks at the gradations in glass and the harmony between the different stages as each one is being hand-blown. Each one comes in a six step gradation, from transparent to white, and they’ve made a full tableware collection consisting of drinking glasses, bowls, plates, and accessories. At first they appear identical but as you look closer it reveals the unique individuality in each piece and the slight variation in shape, colour, and dimension.

What’s great in my eyes is that you can easily picture a set of these on a table, with all different shades and shapes littered around. It makes the kitchen a lot more fun when you can bring out individual pieces like this. Luckily this collection will be produced by Fresco in 2013, so it’s a just a matter of time before you can actually get your hands on a set. So why not have a gander over these pictures above and below, you can find out more information by visiting the pairs website. Have fun on your travels.


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