Living With Nature – Design by Maxime Bellaunay

Maxime Bellaunay 1

Just like the famous modernist architects who wanted to ‘live with nature’, I am very much enjoying these objects by French designer Maxime Bellaunay who also has a similar concept of combining nature into his design work.

Maxime uses the raw material as his first point of exploration, looking at how the material can create a dialogue between a functional design object and one with a sculptural quality. This gives the functional vessel and the natural ‘found’ material new meaning and context.

This constant back and forth between the study of the environment, hands-on with the material itself, then moving further forward to the contemplation of how this all works in a functional setting is an intriguing approach to design. There’s something spiritual found in nature, where our primal instincts take over and we are easily absorbed in our environment. Maxime has used this to his advantage here and it’s great to see.

“Nature is your book of reference, and in it you study and learn.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Maxime Bellaunay 3

Maxime Bellaunay 2

Maxime Bellaunay 3

Maxime Bellaunay 4

Maxime Bellaunay 5


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