Mushimegane Books, 2012 Collection of Works

Mushimegane Books is a special little company owned and run by Misa Kumabuchi, specifically out of her studio in Nishinomiya, Japan. The eagle-eyed of you may have noticed the label as the newest addition to our online shop, someone we’re extremely proud to represent over here in Europe.

Despite the quirky company name Misa does a fantastic job at producing a variety of handmade items which are all very bold but simplistic at the same time, she likes to strip it down leaving only the necessities. It’s also nice how each object is slightly different from one another, no two items are the same and each one has that handmade look and feel about it.

The series itself is ceramic and porcelain ware based on a theme of people and sounds, the concept being that the pots are a reflection of the earths surface and of nature in general. In our natural environment there are a lot of minerals, you can see this throughout the Mushimegane Books collection which showcases purity but at the same time a variety of complicated textures. Each one is made by hand using a wheel and a few other hand tools especially made for the job. Misa mainly works on special events and exhibitions, sometimes craft fairs in Japan, so you can appreciate the rarity of these items and the exceptional quality.

This is a selection I picked up from the Mushimegane Books website which represents this years work, or the 2012 collection. There’s a beautiful array of pieces with all sorts of colours and tones, all of them are incredible in my eyes. I’m actually lucky enough to own one of the teapots seen in the below photo which is currently taking pride of place in the office at this moment in time. I’d recommend you check out our shop to see the selection we’re offering and also the Musimegane Books website to see other styles from years gone by. Enjoy.


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